Trademarks of Quality Care Facilities

Written by on March, 1, 2015.

When you choose to work in nursing homes or extended care facilities, you want to feel proud of your institution. You're undertaking an important career in which you'll aid and influence the lives of vulnerable people. However, you know some care centers struggle with bad reputations or negative assumptions. So when you're ready to find a job in your new field, how can you tell which nursing homes have positive work and care environments?

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"Nurses are the heart of healthcare." - Donna Wilk Cardillo

You walk down the street, look right, and notice a young woman pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair. You turn your head the other way and catch sight of a teenage boy helping a frail man cross the road.  You stop at your apartment building, head up the stairs, turn on the TV, and see a number of other people performing acts of kindness on the news.

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On Losing the Right to Work as an STNA

Written by Abed Osman on October, 23, 2014.

Once an individual is on the Nurse Aide Registry, he or she can lose his or her right to work. In order to maintain eligibility to work, an individual must provide nursing and nursing-related services for monetary compensation within twenty-four months after he or she last met the requirements for being listed on the Registry. An approved training program such as Alia Healthcare Services must re-train and re-test an individual who does not meet this requirement in order for the individual to be re-listed on the Registry as being eligible to work.

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